• This is the first phase of a real estate project, which is also the starting stage, buying now is the cheapest, most discounted, some of you buy at this stage for 30-50 million. for the hot project, but the case is very small.
  • Buying this stage means you are buying based on your belief in sale, with the investor that this project will come out, legal factors you should consider, I will talk in a separate article.
  • At the present time, as I have presented in 6 notes when investing in land, it is best to buy land with a book, because this time from hdmb to pink book is very difficult, unlike 2014-2018.
    And preserving the currency is still more important than multiplying money. (Note in lesson 6 when investing in land).


  • Phase 2 means that the investor will continue to launch other subdivisions of the project, at this time the price will increase slightly, usually 5-10% compared to the first subdivision. Characteristics of open-sale subdivisions are always more convenient or location than the previous ones, so the higher price is of course.
  • At this stage, the first subdivision can not increase the price by 5-10% like the new area, but usually only increase 1-2%, but 1-2% of 2 billion is already 40 million.
  • Later customers, they know the next project but do not accept the price of the new zone, they will find the old area to buy at a lower price, so you bought the old area if you sold it. profitable.
  • Most of a real estate project will have 3 or more subdivisions. At this time in subdivision 2 still sign hdmb, as I said in item 1, not recommended at the present time.


  • Phase 3 and phase 2 are sometimes interchangeable, because there are a number of projects that investors (investors) finish the infrastructure of subdivision 1 and then continue to open subdivision 2, so you are flexible. change these 2 items for me.
  • Hey, I will take the case that the investor sells all the subdivisions 1, 2, 3 and the project completes the infrastructure, prepare to hand over it.
  • This will be the main time for buyers to stay, now they see the project is nearly completed, about to be on display, the facilities are available, they now have an idea of their whereabouts, they will contact the environment. gender for project advice.
  • At this time, there will probably be stock from the investor, but most are still with high prices, at this time buyers will find the units in the old zone to get better prices.
  • So how our property will increase in price, it depends on the market that the desired return of the investor (investors), and this price must be cheaper than the price that the investors still have.
  • So how profit is calculated, I will give an example of the usual calculation of investors, and this is one of the price calculation methods that my project used to sell, not applicable to all, because it depends on a lot. factor for the appreciation of real estate.
  • Having invested in real estate, everyone wants to have profits and have to be more profitable than the bank, then they can invest in real estate, otherwise it would be better to deposit money in the bank, what is the crime to invest.
  • Bank interest will fall at 10% / year, so the lowest profit that investors want is 15% / year, usually from the period of the PPA to the completion of the infrastructure is 2 years (many projects are soaked for 4, 5 years).
  • So the lowest expected profit of investors is 30%, for example, if they invest a land lot of 2 billion, after 2 years they have to sell the price of 2 billion 6 earned after deducting tax fees, this profit margin has may vary depending on how the market is absorbed.
  • But basically, the evidence is higher than the bank interest rate. At this time it is still possible to consider buying, because the handover is legal, there are still cases of handover, people in 4 or 5 years have not been registered, but this number is very small in the market. school.


  • This is also almost the final stage of a project, because when receiving the pink book, it will attract a large number of buyers to live without being assured of the legal status, they will buy at the time of this book, and because of buying. At this time, investors from the beginning have made a lot of profit and out of stock.
  • Not to mention a number of people who have just handed over to stay. The project started to be known to many people, all of which took shape from apartments, furniture to utilities.
  • At this time, if investors buy from the early stage, if they do not sell, the rental profit from the lease is very high, for example, an apartment in District 2 in front of customers to buy 1 billion 2, after 2 years of handing over the house. , that apartment increased to 2 billion, for rent 9 million / month, 108 million / year, calculated as the rental rate of 9% on the value of the apartment at the time of purchase, not to mention the increase in cost price.
  • Or Compound townhouses in District 9 buy 3 billion - 3 billion 5 for rent 15 million / month, 170 million / year, 5 to 6%, the price is now 6 billion more. Also a very good Case.
  • The BDS investment is wonderful, isn't it? When your apartment is rented well, the cash flow is coming back every day, and people are getting more and more crowded, the liquidity is also much better.
  • I encourage you to invest at this time, because it is safe, the current market situation is very complicated, eat less but safe.
  • If you want to eat from phase 1, I advise you to choose big investors, they do the standard legal practice, see if the investors' previous projects have a book, on the current market 2020. Yes, but very rarely.


  • This is the last stage for a real estate project, people should refer to this section, because most of Vietnam, people invest in the style of receiving waves, receiving infrastructure, not like foreign countries.
  • For example: in Vietnam, when I sell the project, I say this road is about to be built, about to be completed to lead into the project, recently there is a highway, the administrative center is about to move. As Palm Height, Lakeview City of Novaland is also waiting for the infrastructure of Song Hanh Street to form, so far Lakeview has increased by 150-200%, and Palm Height has increased by 30-501T1T. In a foreign country, it is to build infrastructure, roads and then build real estate projects to build up to live, there is no future house purchase, formed and then sold, other than that.
  • Although this is the period that causes the price to increase dramatically, many projects, customers buy from the first day to wait until this fifth stage, the price increases 150-200% or more.

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